The menus & locations may change, but the food is always motherf#@&ing tasty
MF Tasty is a “secret” supper club. Different exclusive events will be put together inviting a select few to join, dine and enjoy. The menu is always different, and the locations vary. The seating is limited and substitutions are politely declined.
Upcoming Events

The Munchies Menu

  • Sunday 1/27/13
  • Reserve a Spot
  • 1. Nugget
  • Nacho cheese Dorito crusted Chicken, cool ranch-ranch
  • Nacho
  • Coffee rubbed duck, pickled jalapeno & radish, cheese fondue, cotija, cilantro, tortilla
  • Wings
  • Frank's glazed quail, cucumber salad, blue cheese sauce
  • Twinkie!
  • Tiramisu, home made twinkies

    MF Tasty, which started in 2010 is back and excited to announce that we will be doing our first supperclub dinner in over a year! We would love for you to attend our menu for this event titled “The Munchies Menu”; our take on some of your favorite snacks for when the munchies hit!

    As always, seating is limited to those that reserve spots by credit card; only those that reserve spots via card will learn the location of this event. We require 48 hour notice for any cancellations otherwise you will still be charged for your spot, as quantities are limited and only purchased for those attending. You will not be charged until the day of the event. A donation of $45 per person , tax & gratuity are not included. This is a BYOB event.


    New events


    Far too much time has passed since our last event. After much searching and planning, we’ve got some new events in the works very soon. Stay tuned for menus and dates…. PS we’ve been doing quite a few private events and are always available for hire to customize the perfect menu for you