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About MF Tasty

Hi, my name is Eric Gitenstein and I am the chef/owner/head dishwasher of MF Tasty, a food cart in Portland, OR. MF Tasty began as a secret supper club popping up around Phoenix, AZ in 2010. Our schtick was “for one night only, for this price we will be offering this menu.” Location was only revealed to those that reserved spots, and then poof! On to the next menu/location.

“This Menu” consisted of playful prix fixe dinner menus with a changing theme. Examples were “So Cute I Could Pinch Your Cheeks”. Featured dishes were items like a ceviche of red snapper cheek, and cola braised beef cheeks as an entrĂ©e; “Four Courses of Pork” featured items like maple bacon cupcakes, fennel and pepper crusted pork loin served over risotto and so on. You get the idea, we had fun with it.

Now we (myself and my “wife-ager” Nicole) are in Portland serving you with a theme of “Southwest Inspired. Portland Made”. What does that mean? What is Southwestern food? Are there green chiles on everything? Different regions showcase different products. Living in Arizona for about 20 years has made my love for these flavors grow, and I want to share these with Portland. This is where “Southwest Inspired. Portland Made” comes into play. Oregon has some of the most amazing local products a chef could ask for, so we want to utilize these ingredients and combine them with a flavor profile we know and miss. However don’t be surprised if you see a special or two that strays from our wheelhouse. In my ten years cooking I have worked at restaurants specializing in other cuisines, and if we can make it, well we want to share it.

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